The great rampo戦英語版テキスト

The great rampo

ancient angular stone bloke


Urrgh! The great rampo has no need for thine double-glazed windows,sales-mortals!

We’re not selling windows, We’re hunting pagies!
I’m Yooka and this is Layl-

Silence! Great rampo knows hustle when he reads it!You two have been bothering every character on this island with your so-called’deals’.

Prepare to be punished by my ancient slanty powers, annoying glass peddlers!


Arrrgh! Great rampo’s winning smile is ruined!

Arrgh! Let’s see how thy deal with this, mortal pests!

Arrgh! Stop! Great rampo’s dental payments are well overdue!

The great rampo’s slope is for invited guests only. Stay away!



Nooooo! Great rampo’s sacred slope has been desecrated!

Curse thou, sales-mortals! Great rampo should’ve pretended not to be home…

This window game is quite exciting.
Fancy a change of profession, Yooka?


Arrrgh! Not my eyes! Great rampo did not foresee such aggressive salesmanship!